Tuesday, July 30, 2013


You have received a wedding invitation and you do not have anything to wear ???


We found a very attractive brand which offers high quality suits with providing great customer service : SUIT SUPPLY

Because every customer is unique, they offer tailoring solution in the store by their own tailor while you wait.

Suit Supply is a men's fashion brand founded in 2000 by Fokke de Jong in Amsterdam. There products are made from Italian's fabric in the region of Bella.


Navy blue Selection

Fabric : Pure wool S110'S by Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool
Fit : Sevilla Slim Fit
Price : £ 259,00

Link : Sevilla Blue Plan 

Fabric : Pure wool S110'S by Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool
Fit : Napoli Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Link : Napoli Navy Plain 

Fabric : Linen by Tollegno (Italy)
Fit : Napoli Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Grey Selection

Fabric : Wool Linen by Barberis Canonico
Fit : Lazio Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Fabric : Pure Wool S 150's by E Thomas
Fit : Spalla Slim Fit
Price : £ 699,00

Fabric : Cotton by Subalpino
Fit : Soho Slim Fit
Price : £ 349,00

Black & Brown Selection

Fabric : Pure Wool by Carlo Barbera 
Fit : Lazio Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Fabric : Pure Wool S 110's by Vitale Barberis Canonico
Fit : Tuxedo Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Fabric : Linen by Folgarolas
Fit : Copenhagen Slim Fit
Price : £ 299,00

Link : Copenhagen Light Brown Plain

Monday, July 22, 2013


Walking by the river Thames - Queen's Walk. 
It is a great idea to spend the afternoon, this walk passes many monuments, cafes, bars and restaurants.With this mediterranean weather, it is just perfect !!!

Voila comment profiter d'un bel après midi ensoleillé.
Petite balade le long de la tamise, avec de nombreuse animations, cafés et restaurants !!!


This is my way of original casual summer outfit, strong colors with the red bermudas, timeless denim shirt and original pair of moccassins with colorful sole. 

Voici ma tenue estival du jour, bermudas d'un rouge acidulé, l'indémodable chemise en jeans ainsi qu'une paire de mocassins avec semelle flashy.   

St-Paul's Cathedral 


Tower Bridge


Mocassin : Zara 
 Sun Glasses : Sting
Accessories : Primark 

 After long stroll, we have discovered a Spanish restaurant "Tapas Brindisa" based in Borough Market.

 Definitely worth trying !!!

Après cette longue marche, belle découverte d'un restaurant espagnol "Tapas Brindisa" situé dans le fameux marché "Borough Market".

A ne pas manquer !!!

Monday, July 8, 2013



- 50% on my first sale outfit from Zara

After a nice walk around south London, well deserved outdoor pizza with a cold drink !!!